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But the differences come in the overall appearance of the coins, the patina (the thin layer of coloring, coating, or corrosion that forms on a metal surface exposed to air and water), as well as the quality, depth, and sharpness of the strike.Use these factors to help you determine authenticity.

Other provisions assured its people the protection of English laws and, to a certain degree, kept it subject to the government in England. In 1682 the Duke of York deeded to Penn his claim to the three lower counties on the Delaware, which are now the state of Delaware.

It would be something if you have a genuine Continental Currency piece. Our picture, of course, is a replica, worth essentially zero.

Note the word COPY tucked neatly away in one of the circles on the reverse. Here is what the Red Book, the definitive US coin catalog, says about your coin:worn: ,000 US dollars catalog valueaverage circulated: ,000well preserved: ,000 and more The 'and more' under 'well preserved' can easily reach 0,000. If you think you have a genuine coin, and not one of the many different counterfeits, there are several immediate steps you should take to establish, then preserve, the value of your coin. Very approximately, these coins are about 38 mm in diameter and weigh between 240 to 300 grains, or 15 to 19 grams. The first is an image of a genuine coin, and the second is an image of a fake.

There were mountains of copies made before the Hobby Protection Act took effect in 1970, which required the word COPY on reproductions.

Nevertheless, the second picture is probably a fake.

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