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While Season Two's cheftestants were a talented bunch, they also came off as probably the biggest assholes in history.

Winner Ilan Hall was an uptight, passive-aggressive non-entity whose only redemption came when he managed to beat, and so momentarily silence, Marcel Vigneron, almost certainly the most unbearable person on television ever.

Unlike many chefs, Talde then went on to compete on two seasons of Bravo's "I'm more tired of seeing the use of tweezers than of any ingredient or dish.

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This was not a good thing to attempt before lunch.formula was getting stale.

While Hung Huynh was a deserving winner, he was so far ahead of the other chefs in technique and consistency that it seemed unimaginable he'd lose after about the fourth episode. Season Four – Chicago One of the stronger seasons talent-wise, Season Four gave us the high-tech antics of Richard Blais, the douchy hats of Spike Mendelsohn, and the locker-punching rage of Dale Talde (who could reliably be counted on to fly off the handle even when guesting in later seasons, at least until he turned up for having apparently received a personality transplant). Season Eight – New York The premise for this season was so amazing — take all the most interesting and talented chefs eliminated from previous seasons and bring them back, with heavy "one shot at redemption" pathos — that it really should have been our top season.

Highlights: Dale Levitski's bravado; "I'm a big gay chef and I'm going to kick your ass" can still be heard among certain groups of men. The final four included two level-headed female chefs, Antonia Lofaso and eventual winner, Stephanie Izard, as well as the dyspeptic Lisa Fernandes. We would feel more sympathy for him had he ever shut up about it; to this day, he has not. But despite an exciting start (including a truly diabolical challenge that found the cheftestants remaking the meals that'd gotten them booted the first time around), the season has sagged in recent weeks.

Highlights: Fabio's legendary slam "This is ," not to mention his boasts about his hosting skills ("We can serve monkey ass in empty clam shell and we would still win! Runner-up Lee Anne Wong managed to distinguish herself enough that she designed challenges for the show for several seasons following. Season Three – Miami Season Three saw the birth of the amazing blog Amuse Biatch, which for its all-too-short tenure would come to be the preeminent voice in fandom.

Highlights: Dave Martin's snappy response to Tiffani's nagging ("I'm not your bitch, bitch"). In January of that year, they broke some very important news: Padma Lakshmi is a big stoner.

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