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Waiting fir your return to the big screen, you are Korea's top notch actor and talented artist. We, as people who solely gain information on this case through the media can't judge who is guilty and who isn't. Defaming a person is equal to bullying and traumatizing a person. Even so, I always love and support you, Oppa Micky! hello, i am so much delighted listening your music boys though i don't speak or understand korean language but i love most of your songs specifically been so long yuchun and jae joong i really like that song and magic castle also.hopefully i could could have a cd signed by you guys before going home to the philippines..fighting! Yoochun, stay strong, everything's going to be fine soon. Will always stabd by you, Oppa, from the day I knew you(2009) I can say, you are a talented and kind person. At the same time I ask that those of you who currently express a biased opinion to try to have some consideration for both parties in this matter. There is only one judge in heaven and earth and That's our Heavenly Father. But if these allegations are false, I would feel that those women deserve same punishment that the justice gives for rape charges. Oppa, I'm so sad knowing you accept that drama (Sensory Couple), I've been waiting for your coming back drama, but with Shin Se Kyung as your partner, I don't think your drama will get high rating. Love from Indonesia : D Oppa please don't accept the "The girl who sees smells" drama if the lead female role is Shin Se Kyung, she's really the worst. I love how you acted especially in "Rooftop Prince" drama, but please do not pair with her.For example, although the Korean has visited the beaches of America many times over, he has never seen this type of thing... And in case of an emergency, they usually run as fast as they can, not in slow motion.But all jokes aside, TV shows often do provide a clue about a given country is like, particularly for those who have hardly any idea about that country. This doesn't apply to everyone but at some announcements on the media, like for instance interviews of the victims, people have expressed very grave hate towards Yoochun and the same thing has occurred for the victims as well in opposite situations. Keep that fighting, healthy, calm down, be happy okay. I'm not a huge fan, have never watched anything starring him but I believe that no one should jump to conclusions until there is concrete evidence supporting the assaults he's been accused of. Park yoochun ssi don't wo Rry.u r not innnocence, u no need to scared.. God bless amor Hello Yoo Chun...i saw your drama series Missing You aired here in the year, I was really captivated by your great acting talent.

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You're really great actor with your prominent smile. And "if" he did it, he of course should be punished for it. Park Yoochun will be releasing his first solo album ‘How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet (tentative title)’ on January 18 and Kim Jaejoong will also release and album on February.. I am currently watching the Girl Who Sees Smell and again you nailed it. Congratulations and thank you for making as feel what we watched... I am happy for you that your dream come truth............ I can watch it over and over again and I will always laugh.

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Dear Korean, I was born and raised in France, growing up we had a lot of TV shows from the United States, and although they were fictions they somewhat gave me a good idea of how people lived in the United States.

You get a Joo Won feel from his work but I found him better at doing deadpan comedy . I want to thank you for inspiring me a lot in my daily existence. And also you`re such a good singer, honestly i love listening to JYJ song especially to your song , i love watching youre dancing move in youtube. Thanks for this new project, at last I have something exciting to read and learn about you. Will you please also include Philippines in your album tour if ever? I enjoy all your dramas especially your latest I MISS YOU. you are amazingly adorable there.act uprightly and manly..

I have watched all your drama series and still waiting for the coming dramas. I am a K drama fanatic but I am surprised with myself because I watched rooftop prince three times... Eversince I've watched Rooftop Prince I've become your big fan. you have a great voice and one of good korean actor i know.. you`re the best, and i pray you will visit the Philippines someday. *cross fingers* First time I saw you in SKKS I fell in love with you and still deeply in love and following you from a distance. We’ve started watching some of your youtube videos & really like them. And now, I’m impressed even more as I hear your music. Hi Yoo Chun, your performance as a singer and actor is great and beautiful. You display so much emotions and there is a cuter side of you. hope you could continue this opportunity as ill also continue to support you MICKY OMG!!

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