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“Sweeping stuff under the rug” doesn’t make conflict go away, and it’s certainly not Christian.Emotional maturity says you can deal with conflict in a way that brings both resolution and growth for both sides. Christians more materialistic than their non-Christian neighbor. But I was filled with anxiety and fear, my mood often unpredictable. In recent years, authors like Daniel Goleman and Travis Bradberry have awakened millions to the benefits of emotional maturity, connecting it to everything from healthy relationships to success in the workplace. We can grow and become more compassionate, self-controlled spouses, parents and leaders.Several months ago, the fam returned from Disney World to a loud sound in the laundry room. The rush I felt afterward was similar to the time I bought my first new car. They don’t need their spouse to be some idealized portrait of masculinity or femininity. So they wear their pants at an acceptable height, resolve to leave the fixing to God, and spend more time listening than talking.You will discover he extended invitations to notorious sinners and outsiders, and reserved his harshest words for the religious people of his day. If God so loved the world, who decided we shouldn’t? ” Stand back while people like you part the Red Sea I guess.And if you were trying to win people to open their lives to a loving God, why do you think leading with judgment is a great strategy? Telling people you’re mature is like telling people you’re wise…it’s kind of proof you’re not.Turns out the basement was filled with a foot of water. We called a plumber who said he charged just to walk in the door. I sent pics to everyone, letting them know I, Frank Powell, fixed this problem. They don’t need their next door neighbor to change his ways before inviting him over for dinner. Emotionally mature Christians resist labeling conflict as “bad.” It’s hard, of course. “Fight or flight” – the way most respond to conflict – doesn’t solve conflict, resulting instead in emotional outbursts or a “head in the sand, conflict doesn’t exist because I don’t see it” perspective (which usually only creates more conflict).Many Christians, myself included, equate peace and unity with conflict avoidance, which bucks against the ministry of Jesus.

Here’s the bizarre part: some Christians end up criticizing other Christians for not being ‘deep’ enough or committed enough to be ‘real’ Christians.As I’ve shared here, I think the church today is getting discipleship wrong. I’ve also argued we need a different kind of maturity in the church. Use the bible as a bridge to the culture, not as a barricade against it.To do otherwise puts us on the same ground as another religious group Jesus had strong views against.

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