Deduce youngest rock layer from fossil dating updating datagrid asp net

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Absolute geologic age refers to how long ago a geologic event occurred or a rock formed, in numeric terms, such as 65.5 million years ago.

Some rocks and minerals can have their absolute age directly measured by analyzing the ratios of certain radioactive and non-radioactive isotopes they contain.

If they ‘indicate’ anything at all, it is that God created the different kinds of animals and plants fully formed, and buried them in His judgment on the world in the biblical Flood about 4,500 years ago. Well, this site provides over 30 years of information. Would you support our efforts to keep this information coming for 30 more years?

Support this site Yes, they can be useful on a regional basis, and this can be explained in terms of deposition during the global Flood.

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Evolutionists themselves recognize this with their adage, “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” But it’s certainly no evidence of Such discoveries are not reported to be ‘out of place’ but are catered for by increasing the fossil range of the organism.Consequently, the ‘evolutionary life-span’ allotted by evolutionists for many index fossils has continually been increasing, as examples are found in rocks of different assigned ‘ages’.Another factor that challenges the million-year ages produced by these dating methods is the absence of evolutionary change in many organisms over these vast periods, a phenomenon that is even given a name—stasis.However, no matter how accurate the measurements of chemicals in the rocks are, there is no way of calibrating a dating technique for supposedly pre-historic events. So if a radiometric dating result indicates an age of 40 million years, it is interpreted as representing, not the age of the rock, but a later geological process, such as disturbance, reworking or contamination.The fossils always trump the supposedly objective radiometric dating! Evolutionists would say either that it hadn’t evolved yet, or that it had become extinct.

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