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The spousal visa requires that you are already married (like if you traveled there to marry her and want to bring her back) and can provide a TON of evidence proving your marriage is real.

The Fiancee visa requires that you have already met her in person and are already engaged to be married and can provide a TON of evidence proving this meeting and engagement.

The fact that she hasn't asked for money doesn't mean anything. I have been emailing a lady in Berezniki and she tells me the same things.

I could say this all again here, but just read my comments at Russian Dating Scams and Russian Scammers: Email Scams.

Even when they start out assuring you that they ALREADY HAVE their visa and already have travel plans to come to your country, if it's from an alleged Russian woman who contacted you randomly, it's still a scam. The key is to develop a progression of circumstances that provide evidence of a true change in her life plan.

The day of the trip she'll contact you with some contrived cash-flow crisis, and only needs you to wire her 0 so that she can resolve some last-minute problem at the airport, etc. In My case, she arrived in June, I awarded her October Cruise tickets at her July birthday, (asking her to extend her Aug return date).

I met my wife on-line; I then Traveled to Her City 4 times, and then she had success getting a tourist visa. On the Cruise, I proposed Marriage, We planned the wedding in Nov, and Married in Dec (Filled I-130 just before her 6-month stay was to expire) [Bob's Response:]Wow, great tip!

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