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What they said and did continues to have an immense bearing on contemporary politics.

Their differences were (and remain) irreconcilable. Both are deeply loved and often deified by their followers.

It pleases neither constituency to have the other’s story told, though the two are inextricably linked. He challenged him not just politically or intellectually, but also morally.

To have excised Ambedkar from Gandhi’s story, which is the story we all grew up on, is a travesty.

He lives in a converted garage with three other troubled geniuses: Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham), a "human calculator" who relates to numbers more than people despite his extremely high EQ; Dr. "Toby" Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas), a "world-class shrink" whose keen understanding of human behavior has endowed him with a huge gambling addiction; and Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong), a punkish "mechanical prodigy" who has problems with authority and the physical know-how to back it up.

These people are all experts in their fields, but when it comes to the minutiae of everyday life, from social skills to paying bills, they're barely functional.

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Reading Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar bridges the gap between what most Indians are schooled to believe in and the reality we experience every day of our lives. And yet all around me were the fissures and cracks of caste.

Gandhi does have his bitter critics, but he still tops the charts.

For others to even get a look-in, the Father of the Nation has to be segregated, put into a separate category: Who, after Mahatma Gandhi, is the greatest Indian?

Even so, I never encountered the notion of caste in a single school textbook.

Reading Ambedkar alerted me to a gaping hole in our pedagogical universe.

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