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Jaekels designed the Wales ordinance with that ruling in mind.

He said the village included an introduction to the ordinance, which outlines the "rational basis" for it, and eliminated the domicile clause, or requirement, from the ordinance as well.

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"So we started looking at what were the flash points that were causing the lawsuits, and we found in particular that there were some things we should take out."The city of Waukesha and the village of Pewaukee have similarly made changes to their sex offender residency restrictions.

In both instances, lawsuits about restrictions elsewhere were cited as an influential factor.

That was the original figure when the city first enacted residency restrictions in 2007.One of the lawsuits Jaekels referenced involved the residency restrictions in Pleasant Prairie, a municipality about 8 miles southwest of Kenosha.On April 17, a federal court ruled the village's restrictions on where sex offenders could reside were too prohibitive and therefore unconstitutional.Under the 1,500-foot buffer, 84 percent of the city's residential area was off limits to sex offenders.Reducing the safety zone to 750 feet restricted only 59 percent of the city.

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