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He finally got his first career win at Pikes Peak, where he led all but seven laps of a 200 lap race.

He became the leading contender for the series' championship after a bad slump knocked points leader Davey Hamilton out of first place.

Stewart has a younger sister Natalie who has two children: Emma and Will.

His father Nelson Stewart is still single but his mother Pamela Marshall remarried when Tony was still in high school. He grew up racing go karts and was successful very early, winning a World Karting Association championship in 1987.

His winning the Hut Hundred and 4-Crown Nationals were the highlights of the year.At that year's Indy 500, Stewart's car was good enough to enable him to win his first IRL race, leading 64 laps.However, he trailed off near the end of the race and settled for 5th place.Tony Stewart a race car driver and owner has been dating blonde Jessica Zemken for quite some time or aren’t they dating? Allegedly Tony Stewart also dated a hot girl in 2011 or 2012 named Devan Adamek, and before her he dated Tara Roquemore, Jamie Schaffer and Krista Dwyer. Tony Stewart used to date Jessica Zemken the daughter of Ray Zemken the veteran race car driver and Shauna Zemken, Tony and Jessica dated for a couple of years but decided to call it quits and have moved on, Jessica is currently dating this guy..

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