Updating mandrake packages

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Url: removable device //mnt/cdrom/RPMS BTW never ever update the kernel!

The kernel needs to be installed seperately, not as a part of the updater process.

However, in the open source world where applications change quite often, and fixes are posted, this method might mean you get out-dated software.

This is where tools like yum and apt come into play.

I located the lib rpm and installed it, but it would not update evolution. Is there a way from the command line to accomplish this?

I tried to do this by adding the CD to the software manager, but it sais the medium could not be updated and would be disabled. (Its ok, I'm catholic)Forcing some of the packages got MCC back, however, Package Management was still a no-go.

u OS was a complete Operating System that can be configured and build in a flexible way. It was very new and there are lots of kinks to work out.

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The only things I removed were laptop stuff, raid, ISDN, Watchdog, the rest is still there untouched. Status: Red Hat has announced the availability of a new upgrade to the company's Enterprise Linux line of products.The new release, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, is a relatively small update to the 7.x series and addresses known bugs and errata.So you can still boot-up the old kernel if the new kernel is funky.Originally posted by Bob Guy BTW never ever update the kernel!

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