Updating phone software

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Reply hello – i have a jailbroken iphone – i did not take it to get jailbroken, it was not my idea nor was i with the person who jailbroke it.i have a feeling that it is going to have spyware on it – i may just be parinoid but i am pretty sure i know this person and what they are capable of.It is very difficult to spot good spy software when it is installed correctly but some of the lesser programs can give you some clues.Reply A factory reset will remove any of the spy software programs – it definitely works!I deleted the application and cell phone number, but I don’t feel safe,what can I do?Reply The factory reset definitely works – I would try again.– my restrictions password was changed –can this be fixed without a restore?

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Just the one thread would suggest they were deleted from the phone itself and not using spy software. Reply Hi, Assuming that spyware is installed on my i Phone with ios7 after several resets and reboots: – can the phone be saved?

– can what appears to be a clone (or mirroring of my phone) be stopped?

– can the “overtaking” of my phone (with or without wi-fi or a cellular signal) be stopped?

Reply Some of the premium security apps can flag up spy software programs – some of the time!

I have tested a few and read several reports from others and there is no consistency.

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