Workplace dating policy template

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If the policy also applies to volunteers, contract workers and consultants doing work on behalf of the company be sure to identify this.The scope should also identify exceptions to the policy.This guide was created with input of a variety of experts in the industry.As always, we strongly recommend ongoing training to support best practices on this issue.Swiss made replica watches This section is filled with ideas, tips and tools on topics ranging from Assisting Victims at Work to Dealing with Employees Who Batter.Designed to touch upon cheap led light bulbs the most common-and sensitive-issues every organization faces.

Be sure to review relevant federal and provincial employment legislation to understand the policies that are required for compliance in your jurisdiction.Scope The scope outlines to whom the policy applies.It may apply to all staff and workers, or differentiate based on level, location, employment status, or department.Consider: In developing the content of the policy it is good practice to consult with stakeholders, management, staff, and/or a member of the board.This will help to ensure you get buy in for the policy, address the right issues and have a full perspective.

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